How to run a Virtual Machine of any OS on Windows?


Hey guys, today i will show you how you can run a Virtual Machine on Windows or Macintosh?
Yes guys it is true, you can run a virtual machine of almost any operating system on your pc side by side as you run an application on windows or mac.Sounds tough but believe me guys its really really very easy……


Note: You must fulfill these following requirements to run your virtual machine properly..if you dont have these, dont worry it will still work but your virtual machine will be a bit slow.
1. Free hard disk space
–>10 gb recommended but 5 gb will also be enough

2.Virtualization capable processor 
–>So if you have a dual,quad or hexa core processor, make sure your processor supports virtualization. Oh! wait, how do i check it? Don’t worry, download thissoftware to check it.Just run the software and check it.

So if the software shows this, your virtual machine will surely run smoothly.
But if the software shows this, you will still be able to run the virtual machine but it will be a bit laggy.
So there are tons of softwares, available to download, which one should i get? Get Virtual Box, according to me its the best virtualization software, you can use  vmware workstation but it needs to be bought and has a bit complex method.
Getting Started With the Process:
So lets get started.
Install Virtual Box as you do so with the other applications and run it.
Now click on new.

Now you wil see a window like this.Select next and choose the type of OS you want to have, you can select anyone unless you have an ISO file of the disc of that OS.

Select the operating system of your choice and click next.

Now you will be prompted to enter the amount of ram for your OS. DO NOT SELECT FULL RAM OF YOUR OS. Select only 50% or 75% of your choice but never select full amount of ram.After selecting the ram amount click next.

Next you will be prompted to create a new virtual hard disk. Select new hard disk and click next.

Select the type of hard disk you want.If you have plenty of space on your existing hard disk, select fixed storage but if you have less space on your hd select dynamically expanding storage and click next.

Select the size of your hard disk, give it a name and click next. Now your hard disk creation process is complete.

Now virtual box will show a summary of all the things which you have done.Click finish and your virtual machine will be created.

Noo. not so fast guys, the work is not yet over.Now click settings on the top of virtual box and select storage.Now click the disk icon displaying empty and on the right click the yellow icon. From there select your ISO file and click ok.

Now double click on your virtual machine to run it.It will run like a normal computer but in a window.Do the process normally as you install an OS on your computer.After installation ENJOY RUNNING AN OPERATING SYSTEM INSIDE ANOTHER OPERATION SYSTEM.
Thanks for reading guys, any good comments would be appreciated.
Rohan Lokesh Sharma

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