Xbox 360 vs PlayStation 3

Ever since i have been surfing over the internet, i have found many times people asking which is a better console, Microsoft’s Xbox 360 with the powerful GPU and the body tracking Kinect or the PlayStation 3 with the blue ray drive and 3d graphics? Well both the consoles have their pros and cons, it is very difficult to select one of these. Don’t worry i we will help you to select one of these.


                                                          Xbox 360
First comes the awesome xbox 360. Xbox 360 is a very good console in terms of hardcore gamers. Ever since xbox 360 has launched it has rocked the market. It has powerful cpu and gpu unlike the old xbox and has a nice black matte finish. The cheapest version of xbox 360 costs around Rs 15000 and features 4gb flash storage, 4 USB 2.0 ports, one kinect port, one Ethernet Port,Wifi and so on. It can be cracked so you can play backups on it. But beware while doing so as it can permanently ban you from xbox live.

Kinect is a “controller-free gaming and entertainment experience” for the Xbox 360. It was first announced on June 1, 2009 at the Electronic Entertainment Expo, under the codename, Project Natal. The add-on peripheral enables users to control and interact with the Xbox 360 without a game controller by using gestures, spoken commands and presented objects and images. The Kinect accessory is compatible with all Xbox 360 models, connecting to new models via a custom connector, and to older ones via a USB and mains power adapter.
The tracking of xbox 360 kinect is reportedly to be only 40% which is really bad. Kinect reports to be a bit not accurate in tracking.

Xbox 360 PROS:
1: Powerful GPU than ps3 (games are more crisper and sharper than ps3)
2: Xbox kinect  compatible with all models of xbox 360.
3:Has a nice matte black finish.
                                                    Xbox 360 CONS:
1: Has the famous RROD error which is sometimes unfixable.
2:Once hacked and caught you will be permanently banned from xbox live.
3:Lacks Blue Ray.
4:Lacks 3D capability.
PlayStation 3
Now comes Sony’s  well known PS3. Ps3 is ruling the market nowadays due to its blue ray drive and 3D capability. It is truly future beyond and value for money console. By buying a PS3 you don’t need to buy an expensive blue ray disc player. PS3 is a powerful console, with really high 3D graphics. But look wise it is a bit ugly. The earlier models of PS3 had capability to boot into Linux OS and if this capability would have been carried along, it would have been better.
Moreover being a blue ray drive you cannot play copies on it. Even if it gets hacked you can only rip game to your hard drive only.  Also PS3’s online service known as “The PlayStation Network” is not working right now. 

PlayStation Move
PlayStation move is a controller free motion gaming system which allows users to play games as if they are playing it in reality. To use these controllers, a user only needs to have a  ps3, an camera (ps3 camera),  and the motion controllers. These controllers are pretty much like the Nintendo Wii but the only difference is the ps3 games use full body movement for games which is actually better. Ps3’s controllers are pretty good in tracking the movements of the controllers and hence are less laggy while playing games. Ps3 itself has more gaming titles than the Xbox 360.
PS3 Pros:
1: Has blue ray drive.
2: Is 3D capable.
3: Produces less sound than the Xbox 360 while playing games.
4: Has more gaming titles than the Xbox 360 Kinect. 
5: Linux can be booted into it with some hacks.
PS3 Cons:
1: Ugly in looks.
2: Not hack able.
3: Online services currently unavailable.
Both the consoles are really great to have fun with but when you are in a situation when you have to choose one of them its really tough to do so. So looking at the pros and cons of both the consoles there is a clear winner. Of course the PS3. PS3 is better as it is future beyond. It has blue ray, it is 3D full HD, can play media files, can rip them to hard drive, i mean come on guys what do you want more. You are getting an all in one media system that can play the latest hardcore games. What the heck you can get more in this console. I think this is the better console within 20000-25000 bucks…..and you should surely go for it.
Rohan Lokesh Sharma

2 thoughts on “Xbox 360 vs PlayStation 3

  1. @ Prashant……everyone has their own views…according to me it is a bit ugly…ps3 fat was sexier, stylish but produced a lot of heat…ps3 slim is ugly but enery efficient and produces less heat

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