How to use your laptop (with WLAN) as a wifi hotspot?


Sharing internet over Wi-fi has become quite popular now a days. Since service providers themselves are providing Wi-fi routers, accessing internet on multiple devices such as laptops, PDAs, mobile phones with a single internet connection has become very easy.

But if you have a normal broadband connection and want to create your own wireless network for sharing internet….you need to either buy new wifi router or you have to share your existing connection……Lets see how to do it..

Connectify is a software that allows only windows 7 users to share their internet connection. It is seriously a good software but only works on windows 7. So XP or Vista users, please upgrade to windows 7.
Download connectify from here.
NOTE: The latest version of connectify is known to have bugs with the dial up connections. Download the old version from here.
                         Getting connectify work
  1. After downloading and installing connectify launch the easy setup wizard.


2. Then click next.
3. Then you will be asked to type a name of your hotspot, type any name of              yours and click next.

4. Then you will be asked to enter a password for your hotspot so that unwanted people don’t connect to your hotspot unnecessarily. Type any password of your choice.
5. Then will be asked to select the internet connection you want to share. Share the desired internet connection and click next.
6. Then you will come to then the end of the wizard. Tick the start hotspot after closing the wizard and hotspot would start. And a small window would appear on the lower right corner of your desktop. Click start or stop to start/stop your hotspot and enjoy sharing your internet connection.

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