How to install Coderomv1b on Samsung Galaxy Ace


Yes guys there is finally a custom rom for galaxy ace…..I know there has been one before the gingerbread rom but that cannot be termed as a custom rom. So the new rom is known as the Coderomv1b……..there is also an earlier version of the rom…..but still the newer the better. So its not at all a rocket science to install the HECK OF THE ROM!, instead its quite easy. We use ODIN for this purpose and a couple of file downloads.

Why should you upgrade to this ROM?
So the question puts up…that why the heck you upgrade to this ROM. You are happy with your existing ROM (i.e the android froyo 2.2) and happy with it. So i will tell you why? 

Firstly you will get gingerbread (android 2.3) OS.Gingerbread is the latest version of android OS on smartphones (android 3.0 is also out but only for tablets). Believe me guys there are only 2 phones in the 15000 range with android 2.3, first our one and the only galaxy ace and the other is also by samsung. The new features of android 2.3(Gingerbread version of android),  includes flash support, the amazing CRT animation, more free RAM, and fast processing etc.

Moreover, this ROM is amazingly fast, not like the existing rom in ace which lags a bit when filled up with a lot of apps or even lags when the media scanning is going on.

Rumors…dangers and other stuff that can happen to your device after the flashing.
Yes guys you read it right…this process indeeds give you the hell of the gingerbread OS, it can even brick your phone. And if you do so…………NO WORRIES REFLASH IT…..he he he! Guys there is very very less danger in the process unless you know 
a bit of computing and re flashing and im sure you will know that after the reflashing process. And yes don’t need to root your phone before the process….the phone’s battery must be at least 80% charged and an original data cable is recommended.

Required Downloads:
2:ODIN (Included in the coderom package)
3: Mobile Drivers (Download it from Samsung’s Official site)

Lets Get Started:
So lets get started guys and ensure that your phone is at least 80% charged. Do not continue if it is less….and if you do so your phone will be bricked forever and i take not responsibility for it.

So turn your phone off. Now hold the volume down button, the home button and the power button at the same time. Do not leave it till it shows downloading just as shown in the image.

Connect your phone to the PC via cable the phone being in the download mode. Now fire up ODIN. It should detect your phone and show it as COM 7 or COM 14 or any other name. Name doesn’t matter.

Now select the files as follows:


EFS remains empty…..Dont modify anything else…if you do so refer to the pic.

Now click start….flashing process would begin. It would take around 4-5 minutes. Do not ….i repeat at any step do not disconnect your phone and if you do so…face the consequences.
You will notice your ace to be rebooting automatically and with a new ugly boot would take a bit more time to boot up but do not remove your phone from the pc unless it says DONE!

Now when the process is complete you will notice that the language of your phone is a bit unknown.You can easily change that. Press the menu button, select the lower right option, select the keyboard like icon text in the list and then the first option.

Your phone is pre-rooted so you don’t need to do it.
Enjoy the new ROM!

This rom is not made by me and i take not credit for it… was made a xda developer’s member named code28h4p the credit goes to him.

2 thoughts on “How to install Coderomv1b on Samsung Galaxy Ace

  1. Hi Rohan,This seems to be too technical for lay man like me……Please write the benefits of this gingerbread OS……so that I can attract myself and do install this ROM……Can we have some video application of this OS?????

  2. Hey Sumit…no worries i will explain you in detail why you should upgrade to this ROM or new android or whatever you call it….Firstly… get gingerbread OS i.e you get a newer version of android………Galaxy ace comes with android 2.2 i.e froyo(this can be checked in going in settings, about phone) and it has been 6 months since androids newer version i.e the android 2.3 or Gingerbread OS is out. It is not available for each phone. It is only available on expensive android smart phones above 20000 INR (except galaxy fit). However samsung decided to make a an update to galaxy ace and make it the first smartphone to have gingerbread. They developed it but did not release it yet due to compatibility issues, but it got leaked on the internet after sometime. Hackers or developers modified it and made it better and and made it compatible and removed all the bugs. Several modified versions of the update came out which included the "Coderomv1b".You should definitely upgrade to this ROM as the newer version of android is faster better and give you the Flash player support which is not available on the existing version. Other details can be found here this flashing process what we are doing is, we are deleting the original android OS on the phone and adding our new custom, better and newer android version.Video is in progress and will be posted soon….Thanks for the visit to our blog.

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