Cool PC Pranks…..


Everyone likes to play pranks on your friends.Well of course you play pranks on your friends in real life. But being a “techy” i decided to show you some of the pranks you can do on a windows pc.  These pranks are very much easy to do and of course will drive your friends crazy. The pranks do not cause any harm to your pc . Lets check them out.

CMD  pranks…….
                 Prank 1:

It may be annoying to close 30-40 cmd windows at once. You can create a windows BAT file or in simple language a program that opens 30-40 or as much as you want the number of windows at once. It is absolutely annoying to close all of these one by one.

1: Create a new Notepad file on your desktop, name it
whatever you like.Open it up and type in START as many times as you can….but remember only one START in each line. 

2:It should look like this.

3:Now save this file with whatever name you want it to be but make sure it has the .bat extension….in the pic i will be saving it as prank.bat for example.

3: Now just execute the file you saved and see the magic…..loads of cmd windows would pop up either one by one if on a slow processor or at once if on a high end pc..

                                            Prank 2:

Now this prank is indeed really cool. What it does is it asks you to click ok again and again. No matter how many times you click ok, it will come up again and again. This requires a bit of coding but don’t worry just copy the code and you will be good to go.

1:As before create another notepad file on your desktop and open it.

2: Type in this code:



16, “Message”)


3: Insert your custom message in place of the word Message in quotes. Save this file as prank1.vbs on your desktop.

4: Now just run the file and it should look like this.


Now this prank really beats all of the above. Like the above two it also is very easy to implement. What is does it shows you the message to format your pc. Even if you press n it will show shutting down and formatting pc. But it does not actually does so, so you don’t need to worry.

1: So again create a new notepad file on your desktop and open it up.

2: Now type in the following code as shown in the picture.

3:Now save this file as prank3.bat, run it and enjoy.

More and more pranks are currently in progress and will be posted soon……..Thanks.

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