How to make a con folder?


For those who don’t know, there are several names with which you cannot create a folder, in any drive, in another folder of anywhere. The biggest example of this name is “con”. Most of the people know about con but there are several other names as well such as com1,  prn, nul etc. The reason is that these names are reserved by the old DOS or simply these names are also the names of a system component so you cannot make it

Well knowing this is not at all an impressive thing, well its quite common. The “geek” thing is to do the impossible i.e to make folders with those names.  The process is very easy and it does not require any high end programming capabilities…instead it can be done by a noob. Let’s check  out.

To do this fire up command prompt and run it as admin to ensure that no errors occur.(Note this requires XP or above)

1:Type in:
mkdir \\.\x:\con
Where “x:” represents your drive in which you want the folder to be created.
2: If you did everything correct the con folder would appear in your drive as shown in the pic.
Similarly folders with names such as com1, null etc can be made.
It does not end here….try to delete that folder…Ha! ha! you cannot….thats also simple and requires the same command.
3: Type in :
rmdir \\.\c:\con
This should do the stuff and that is how you can do the impossible.The reason this is possible is down to UNC naming adding the \\ in the statement it makes windows ignore the old DOS command to reserve this folder name..


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