How to boot Galaxy S2 into recovery.


In many cases it may be required that you need to boot your phone into recovery(in this case your S2). It can be cases such as you have applied a pin lock on your phone and you forgot its password. Other cases may be you  want to just format your your phone or wipe the cache partition which cannot be done directly via the android OS, you have to do it manually.
Unlike the galaxy ace which is the mini version of the SGS2 you can’t just hold the home  button and power button to boot into recovery, you need to press something else too. Lets check out—>

To simply boot SGS2 into recovery  press and hold the home button+volume down button+power button. Its not over yet, as soon as you see the samsung logo, leave these buttons and after a second, press them again. You will straightaway boot into recovery. And thats how you do it.

One thought on “How to boot Galaxy S2 into recovery.

  1. Techie101

    You rock man…..seriously…i have read a lot of tutorials regarding this and all of them are like…too shortcutted……you have done it in detail and man you rock!!!!

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