How to change hard drive/pen drive icons?


Well of course everybody gets bored of almost anything he lives with for a long time. It can be anything even your OS or your hdd icon or pen drive…Well that sounded a bit creepy !!!! So lets just get to the point. In this tutorial we are simply and simply changing hdd icons. It also works on most of the floppy drives as well as removable drives……(i.e pen drives). And those who like to question a lot….i want to clear few things, we are not modifying any windows files… dont need to be admin for this process and NO!! you dont need to download hell of a big in size costly softwares……


1: Icon file (in .ico format)

Get it from here

2:A windows pc

Getting Started:

So first we will be creating a new notepad file in the root of the hdd or usb flash drive. Those who don’t know root is the directory which is immediately seen after you open a hdd or usb .

In the notepad file write the following code:


Note- that the icon file must be in .ico format and replace the “R1.ico” from the code above with your icon name.

Now save this file as autorun.inf in the root

of the hdd or USB.

Now in case of a HDD restart your pc and in

case of a USB drive re-attach the flash drive.

Your new icon would appear next to the hdd

orflash drive name.

Many of you would surely noticed that even if you assign the name of the hdd or usb drive in lowercase letters, it automatically gets to uppercase. There is also a trick to do it and this trick not only changes the label of the hdd or usb to lowercase letter, but also no one can rename it to his/her choice.

To do this just add

and of course………..      

4 thoughts on “How to change hard drive/pen drive icons?

  1. gaurav

    i tried… it is working but my antivirus is blocking .inf file…so can not use it with antivirus ON….u know how overcome this pblm??

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