How to hack Windows Password?


So guys i have been very addicted to the android stuff from a last couple of months….hmm hacking….custom roms….rooting etc coz i got my new galaxy s2 smartphone. But this time i have came back with a serious business with Windows 7 OS. I have come up with a tutorial on how to hack windows password or i should say how to recover windows password in case you forgot it……this is due to avoid any trouble from microsoft….microsoft don’t screw me!!!

And also as the good guys say…this tutorial is just for knowledge purposes…..(he he he you know..)

So when it comes to windows hacking… will hear from almost everybody mainly two softwares..ophcrack and hiren’s boot cd..I know these softwares work pretty well but you know they are just…erotic.

In case of ophcrack, firstly it doesn’t work with Windows 7, secondly you have to download separate files for vista and xp…and believe me they are hell of a big downloads. So after a hell long reading moral of the story is we need a software or app that Firstly works with windows 7,  Secondly is not very much big to download, and  thirdly should work with most of the windows distributions..

And the answer is Trinity Rescue Kit…ya its a legal software so you don’t need to search on torrents of course…i have tested it on windows 7 and it works…it may work with older windows distributions too…just check it and tell me. But still using it ain’t very easy..


1: Trinity Rescue Kit iso file(download here)

2: A blank CD-R (go buy it, of course you cannot download it)

Making things Ready:

So just burn the iso onto a CD-R not a DVD it will not boot….if you don’t know which software to choose for burning iso files or if you don’t have nero….just download this, it will do the job.

And please note that your pc/lappy/netbook should support booting from cd-r…..most computer made after 2004 should support it..please verify before trying this as your download may go waste.


So first step is to boot from the cd-r…..well change the boot priority options from the bios…come on  search on google for this, its a simple thing but just in case…for hp computers press F8, for ASUS press Esc, for Acer again F8 and i don’t know more.

 So when you boot from the disc you will get the desired screen. just press enter.

 This is just the loading screen, let the software do its work. If you get an error something like trk not found on disc then try typing sda1 in the prompt. It should do the job.

So you will finally get to this screen. This is a user interactive options pane that you can control via your keyboard. Just go to the windows password reset using the arrow keys and press enter.

After pressing enter you will get some options. If you want to hack the admin, just select the admin reset password option(second option)…and if the user is not an admin select the third option that says “Interactive Winpass”.You will get into a command shell.

There type winpass -u “Username”

In either option, first the software will check the accounts on the OS and then it will ask you if you want to continue or just quit. Type 1 over there and press Enter key.

As you do the last step, the desired user will be selected and you will have the following screen with options such as clearing password, editing user data and bla bla….we don’t need to look at that. Just type one and press enter.

After a successful password clearing you will get a message saying password cleared.

Then just restart your pc and enjoy the hell great welcome by windows without password prompt. This method has been tested on windows 7 and vista and it workedsuccessfully. It should work on xp too but xp is not officially supported.

So guys that was all after a big big tutorial. Next time i will be coming back with another tutorial on how to install mac os x on pc.

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