Galaxy s2 phone of the year 2011!


So guys it might be old news for some people but seriously galaxy s2 has won the phone of the year price by T3 gadget awards and in on many of the shows in India. Indeed it is a super phone at this price point. Being 1 year old in the market rather than just degrading its sales it has been up and is mostly preferred by people rather than htc or the overpriced apple iphone. Well indeed being the first smartphone to have a dual core processsor with hell of a good benchmark most hackers prefer it not only due to the samsung ui or software but also due to the hardware.

The rest features are  explained further:

Features(in short, its not a review after all!):

So the s2 is packed with a 1 gig ram and a 1.2 ghz dual core exynos processor. The S2’s processor has known to be breaking all the benchmark records all the phones except galaxy s2 note and nexus prime (they have 1.4ghz of course) and hence has proved to be the most powerful in its class. Well by hacks or just with root and niptheamine kernel it can be overclocked to 1.6ghz via cpu master, of course degrading the battery life.

There is no seperate gpu for graphics processing but there is no performance lag while playing even the most heaviest games and with apps running in the background.

It has a beautiful screen which is actually super AMOLED but this time with a + so its known as super AMOLED+ screen which is really really beautiful in performance as well as power saving.

The phone is very thin indeed, it used to be the slimmest phone but with the arrival of motorola razer it just dropped to the the second spot in slimness. It is 66mm wide and 125mm tall. It is just 8.5mm thick.

It comes with android 2.3 and is soon to get Android Ice Cream Sandwich which would really pull everybody’s socks off.

It comes with an 8MP camera that is capable of recording videos upto 1080p. However it seemed to be a bit poor in  camera performance as compared to the nokia lumia 800 and the iphone 4s which have the same 8mp cam. But still with that price it is justified.

It does not include and hdmi port but the micro usb to hdmi cable can be bought to hook it up to your hdtv however no 3D.

Its supports HSPA+, EDGE, GPRS, HSDPA, HSUPA, a 4G version also comes but that is only available in USA or even japan.

It is available in two variants 16gb and 32gb internal storage WITH AN SD CARD SLOT. Now that rocks>!!!

So being a proud galaxy s2 owner i would recommend you rooting it and flashing a custom rom on it coz your ui can be laggy when you fill it up with 200 apps like me. But still your choice if don’t want the smooth iphone like interface.Still if you want a phone at 27000 (550$) bucks, surely go for the s2.

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