How to make an invisible Folder>…


So ever thought of making aninvisible folder that only you know is available on your desktop..Well its pretty easy.

So guys every person has personal some stuff on their pc ….and hiding them is very important..Now this trick is not that safe but i maybe you can use it show off to your friends…

Hmmm the best part is if there is one around in your family who just pokes around every corner of the desktop, it might just work..

So lets cut the crap and lets get started.THIS METHOD ONLY WORKS FOR WINDOWS PC WITH A NUMERIC KEYPAD ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE KEYBOARD. No it does not work on laptop WITHOUT NUMERIC KEYPADS. If you don’t know what numeric keypad is….? well its the numbers arranged in sort of a square on the right side of keyboards usually on pc’s…and some 17″ laptops. 


  1. SO first right click on desktop and select create new folder.
  2. Now don’t do anything, just press and hold right alt key and holding that key press 2 5 and 5 on the numeric keypad one by one and then leave the alt key…all the selected new folder name would disappear..





So a folder with a new name has been created, now how to make it invisible…?


  1. Right click the folder and click properties, now go to the customize tab and click the change icon tab.

2.Now select the blank icon from the options and click ok.

You have made your invisible folder.





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