Galaxy S3 vs Iphone 4S


So guys it has not been long since the galaxy s2 was launched (actually it is…but anyways i could not think of any other intro line) and i wrote how it stands against the iPhone 4S. Hmm so i guess i should be doing the same thing again? Ya and i will be.

So no more talking shit! and straight to the point. The guide will have 5 sections

  1. The hardware and design
  2. The software (Operating System duh!)
  3. Screen Size and Display
  4. Camera
  5. Killer Features


Iphone 4S:

Design and build quality:

So the iPhone has a great great build quality.  The  whole glass body looks great and the makes the iPhone a pleasure to hold. It is one of the best designed phones available and and beats the Galaxy s3 in it too. Although looking great the iPhone is what you call very fragile. It might or it will be better so say that the glass on the iPhone 4S might not survive one or two drops.It usually shatters with a single fall and you know its expensive to get an iPhone fixed.


The iPhone 4S has a dual core A5 apple processor clocked at 800Mhz which is pretty disappointing as compared to the other dual core devices clocked at at least 1.2 ghz. Well it is of course very very very less powerful as compared to the QUAD CORE 1.4 GHZ processor on the Galaxy S3.

Still the games run smooth and perform good but a more powerful processor is always preffered.

The iPhone 4s also has 512 mb of ram which is pretty decent. You get 512 mb of ram nowadays on other phones too. Atleast 1 gig of ram would have been preffered.


So the iPhone 4S runs on the new ios 5. Well not very new now ios 6 also about to launch but still iOS is one of the best Operating System ever seen on a mobile phone. It is a joy to use and the smooth transitions (unlike android) make you love it more and more.

iOS 5 brings 200 new features to the smartphone but ios 5 is also available on the older iPhones so its not a differentiating factor.

Screen Size and Display:

So the iPhone has a 3.5 inch screen which is pretty small. In fact it is very small as compared to the new high end smart phones having a screen size of at least 4 inches.

But the still it has what apple calls the “retina display” which is very very beautiful. With HD resolution and very high pixel density (336 ppi) it makes the screen look beautiful.

The high def videos and games are a pleasure to play but a bigger screen would have been preferred.


So the iPhone has an 8MP camera with an LED flash which takes pretty good photos at full 1080p HD.

Although it stays behind as compared to the galaxy s3’s camera.


                              Killer Features:


So the most most most most in fact the only feature talked about the iPhone 4S is the Siri the voice assistant. So for those who don’t know, siri is a virtual voice assistant that allows your iPhone to be controlled via voice  in regular speech and not via any “robot like commands”. Well it has  a downwside too, some features of siri are limited to the u.s.a (such as finding hotels and currency conversion) only. Still a great new way to use your phone.

Siri supports many features such as calling, messaging, e-mailing, setting alarms etc. More new features such as opening an app and viewing scorecards and info about sports related stuff will also be coming to the siri on the ios6.

                      Biggest problems!!!:


iTunes is a great application made by apple but integrating it with the iPhone was indeed a bad move. This is one of the biggest problems on the iPhone. You cannot copy songs to an iPhone or any other iDevice without  iTunes. Now  thats a big disadvantage.

Moreover when you buy your iPhone, you cannot use it until you get it activated by connecting it to your pc launching iTunes and then activating the iPhone. Security is good but not to this extent.

So this feature sucks!!!!

                Front Camera and Bluetooth:

Talking about the front vga camera of the iPhone 4S, its totally of no use. The iPhone’s front cam cannot be used for video calling over cellular network. Then the question comes, “why is it there then?” well answer to that question. The iPhone 4S’s front cam is used for what apple calls facetime video calling over wifi and ONLY TO IDEVICES!!.

Now thats really frustrating. You cannot always carry a router with you and not everyone of your friends, even your girlfriend would have an iDevice.

Talking about the bluetooth the iPhone 4S has Bluetooth 4.0 which is the latest and the fastest Bluetooth. Hmm  pretty impressive, but you cannot send files over it…! Wow then why there is even a Bluetooth on it? Well thats for connecting Bluetooth devices but that could have accomplished with bluetooth 3.0 or even 2.0 and apple would have reduced the price of the iPhone 4S. Hmm pretty disappointing


                                  Galaxy s3:


So the Samsung Galaxy S3 (hmm pretty tough name!) not a very old player in the market, successor to samsung’s greatest smartphone ever the Galaxy S2 which had rocked the smartphone market earlier. With 9 million pre orders and 15 million sold devices (approx) till date Galaxy S3 has become the FASTEST SELLING DEVICE EVER outbeating the iPhone 4S with 4 million pre-orders  (4S with 4 million pre orders ;-)).

So lets check out its specs.!

                       Design and Build Quality:

So the galaxy S3 is not as good as the iPhone 4S in design but its designed pretty good, atleast  better than the Galaxy S2 :-). So as said by Samsung, the phone is “designed for humans” and “inspired by nature”…hmm pretty tacky!

The galaxy s3 is available in two colors, the marble white and the pebble blue both of which are pretty awesome. The phone’s body is made of plastic but it doesn’t feel plasticy though like the Galaxy s2. Due to plain polished texture on the back the phone might slip out of your hand and according to my experience it makes your hands go sweaty so i would recommend buying a case for your phone.


So the Galaxy S3 is powered by  a Quad Core Exynos processor clocked at 1.4 ghz per core. Which is more than double of the iPhone 4s. So the Galaxy S3 is a monster in terms of performance as compared to the iPhone 4S.Moreover the Galaxy S3 has scored the best benchmark tests outbeating the Nvidia Tegra 3 devices such as the HTC One X.

So thats pretty hot!


So the Galaxy S3 runs android 4.0 which is pretty latest and according to some reports, it will be receiving the Jelly Bean Update pretty soon.

Android 4.0 is available on other devices too so thats not a differentiating factor.

Samsung has modifed the ui of the galaxy s3 with their own one known as “Touchwiz”. They call it as “inspired by nature” so you will hear water drop sounds and other stuff. Pretty good actually.

                          Screen Size and Display:

So the Galaxy s3 has a 4.8 inch HD (720p) Super AMOLED+ Screen which is pretty monstrous as compared to the iPhone 4S. The pixel density is almost the same but still the retina display wins.

Still the galaxy S3 has a pretty good screen, and HD content is a joy to watch.


The Galaxy S3 has an 8mp camera and a 2 mp front camera both of which takes pictures and videos in HD and the rear camera takes it at full 1080p HD. Wait thats not all, the rear camera also has zero shutter lag. It has HDR photo mode and also burst mode which takes 20 photos in almost 3-4 seconds.

Its camera also includes best photo mode, which automatically selects the best photo out of the 8 photos in burst mode.

Now thats pretty hot. Thats not all, it also has another mode known as buddy photo share mode that recognizes the faces on the photos and when the photos are clicked it mails them or tags them automatically to the respected people. Woo thats pretty hot!/

                                    Killer Features!:

The galaxy s3 has loads of killer feaures..will be explaining them in short.

Smart Stay:

So one of the most loved features on the galaxy s3 is the smart stay functionality. So what the hell smart stay is? Well it uses the front camera of your device to track the movement of your eyes. The screen stays bright and on as long as you are looking at the phone and goes off as soon as you close them. Well thats a cool feature. It works well, seems a little slow but its a great great innovation to a smartphone.

So why do you need it? For example you are browsing a webpage and you find something interesting. You start reading it without touching the device and suddenly your screen goes off. Oooh pretty annoying, isn’t it? Well there comes smart stay.

Smart Alert:

So the other smart feature on the galaxy s3 is the smart alert.  So what it does is when you have notification(missed call, sms etc) it uses the gyroscope and g sensor of the phone and recognizes when the phone is picked up and makes the phone vibrate making the person know that there is some notification.

Direct Call:

Another great feature on the galaxy S3 is the direct call. So what is does is when you have info about a contact opened (contact or sms) and you want to call that person, you don’t have to press the option and find the call option you can directly put the phone to your ears and the Galaxy S3 will know and automatically place the call for you. It recognizes it using the gyroscopic and the proximity sensor.


So a competition to Apple’s Siri, Samsung also included their own voice assistant on the Galaxy S3 know as the S-Voice. A great innovation but not as great as Siri. It can be used for making calls, messaging, emailing, playing music and even taking a photo.Moreover it can be launched on the lock screen just by saying the desired keyword. Thats a great feature and makes the phone fully voice controlled.

The S-Voice is also integrated in the music, fm radio, and camera as well. When playing music, saying keywords like “next”, “previous”,”play”,”pause” and control the music player and in camera keywords such as “shoot”,”smile” and “capture” also work. So a great innovation by Samsung.

More OTG Options:

Every android phone today (almost) supports OTG. FOr those who don’t know OTG in simple language means connecting usb devices to your android phone through the OTG cable.

So every phone supports it, then whats special about galaxy s3? Well it has more options of OTG than any other phone. OTG’s are limited to pen-drives, external hdds (formatted to fat 32) and some phones even support a mouse. But the Galaxy S3 also supports external camera, and believe it or not it also supports a wired ps3 and xbox 360 controller!!!!!! Well im sure that is going to make apple lose some if its customers. So that makes a whole new gaming experience on the Galaxy S3.


So many of us loved the S-Pen on the Galaxy Note, well Samsung has been willing to provide another pen known as the C-Pen as an accessory for the Galaxy S3. It is ok, well not as good as the Note but is great to show off to your friends.

Wireless Charging:

So the Galaxy S3 also is capable of wireless charging. Well for those thinking that its like Bluetooth where you can carry your phone anywhere, ITS NOTHING LIKE THAT! Samsung will also be providing wireless charging kits for the galaxy s3. When connected to phone you just have to put the phone on the charging pad or station and it will start charging. You don’t have to manually connect the wire every time just place the phone over the charging pad.


So the conclusion time. Well the Galaxy S3 clearly wins. With better hardware, camera and killer features it outbeats the iPhone 4S. If you are confused between the two phones, close your eyes and just pick up the S3. iPhone 4S is also a great device with great display but its kinda old school. We hope that iPhone 5 brings something new or Apple will be doomed.


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