How to enable on screen soft keys on Jelly Bean!


So guys im back with another tutorial. You might have read my earlier tutorial on how to enable soft keys on Ice Cream Sandwich Rom, and a few weeks ago google launched an update to their OS, i.e jellybean.  The update brought a whole new fluid user interface and some major tweaks.

The soft keys were still there and i know many many guys very badly want those soft keys and it required lot of hassle on ics. But it is a lot easier on Jellybean. Either you can use the same method (if you prefer to ;-)) or you can try the new easier, safer and shorter method. And the best part is the soft keys work on STOCK ROMS! (dont know about htc sense but works on touchwiz)


  1. The first and foremost thing you need is ROOT!
  2. Then you will be needing a app on your device to edit the build.prop file. I recommend downloading rom toolbox from the play store, it is an all in one package for a rooted phone.

Getting Started:

So firstly backup your rom!…if anything goes wrong you will be able to restore it.

So open any root explorer app, i will be using rom toolbox.

Open root explorer and navigate to the build.prop file in system/. Open it via your favorite text editor and at the bottom of the file, add this line


And save the file. Now reboot and enjoy your new on screen soft keys. If you get bootloop, that means you have not modified the build.prop file properly and try pushing it via adb.

And the stock touchwiz dock looks a bit cramped with the soft keys so better use apex launcher.


Modifying the Soft Keys:

Modifying the soft keys is a bit of hassel…so xda senior member houssam10001  has prepared some flashable zips that modify the soft keys….you can check them out here.

Make sure to press the thanks button.



10 thoughts on “How to enable on screen soft keys on Jelly Bean!

    • Your rom probably, doesn’t support it.
      Try having another launcher installed before, doing it, and when you get the same error again, select another launcher.
      Anyways, please do mention the name of the rom and the phone that you have.

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