Real Racing 3 Android Hack


So guys Real Racing 3 is here on android. Its really a great game with awesome graphics and gameplay. There are a lot of events in the game and a hell lot of great new cars but obviously they cost a lot. So i have been playing around and found a workaround or hack to increase the cash and gold in the game. You will be requiring  rooted android phone.

So lets check out how to do it:


1. A rooted android phone that supports the game

2. Game Killer app

The workaround:






So lets get started. Install game killer and fire it up. If you are rooted then you will see a small icon in the top left corner of your phone.










Now press the game killer icon on the top left corner and type in the value of money you currently have. Since i have already increased mine, i will be entering a larger value.





When it shows the option to select the data type, select the second option [ DWORD(0-4294967295)].







You will get two options on the top. Select the first option.







Change the value to whatever you want . I will select the max value.

Press  ok and enjoy with the lot amount of money.






Precautions and fixes (if doesn’t work):

So if the above method doesn’t work or your money decreases instead of increasing then try he following methods:

  1. Clear the whole game progress.
  2. Re-install game killer.
  3. Check if you are properly rooted.
  4. Try to spend some on repairs or upgrades if the search results are 0.


So guys that is it. This is how you hack Real Racing 3. I will be bringing some more methods to hack other games such as Subway Surf, Paradise Island etc.



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