Which Smartphone to buy? (Design wise currently)


So guys i am back with another guide. So i was pretty happy with the response i got from the previous post in which i compared smartphones and i guess its time to do it again. This time i will be comparing the three smartphones, the Galaxy S4, the HTC One and the Xperia Z. Well The first two smartphones seem to pretty obvious but sony has indeed made a comeback this year with the xperia z.

So i will be comparing the smartphones on the basis of their designs, hardware and software.


Galaxy S4:

So as some might have noticed already, the galaxy S4 is almost identical to the Galaxy S3 which is a huge disappointment. Well some might have liked the S3’s design (i did too) but having the same experience is a little boring. But there are some changes on the design as well. The S4 has been slimmed down a little. The bezel surrounding the screen is a little thinner providing the space for the 5 inches screen. The sides have also been replaced by metal but still the back and partial front is plastic.

The worst thing now is that many of the samsung phones like the S3, Grand and S Duos look almost identical and not providing the S4 a differentiating look which is disappointing.

HTC One:

So as many might have already seen the HTC One is beautifully designed. It made of aluminium throughout giving it a very premium look and feel to hold. Moreover the HTC One is a little smaller measuring 4.7 inches diagonally and fits in your hand beautifully. It has only two capacitive keys at the bottom, the back and the home key unlike others. It has two speaker on the front which i will be talking about later.

Xperia Z:

Xperia Z is also a greatly designed phones out there. I has full glass on the front and the back giving it a premium feel. No ports are visible on the xperia z, instead they are covered by flaps. Now many will ask why freakin flaps? Well it gives the phone resistance to water. Yes it waterproof!!. Frankly keeping the waterproof thing aside, Xperia Z is a very very sexy phone. It is the best designed phone out there and many have said that. Rather than just using the phone, you might spend time just looking or admiring the desgn of the phone which is pretty awesome. It does not have any capacitive keys, instead it has on screen keys which gives you a stock experience but i will be taling about that later.

So i guess design wise the Xperia Z takes it being the best designed phones out there. I will the completing the post and will try to make the blog theme better… till then keep visiting guys.


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