How to make an invisible Folder>…


So ever thought of making aninvisible folder that only you know is available on your desktop..Well its pretty easy.

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How to dual boot two roms on galaxy s2?


So guys a great tutorial….how to dual boot two roms on galaxy s2…well it works with almost every android phone(2.3 or above). No i am not using LOLbootdualboot app but instead the siyah kernel. So the new siyah kernel has an option to dual boot two different roms. Its pretty much safe and works with most of the ics roms.

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How to enable on screen ics soft keys on any ics rom?


So guys i know many of you are there who just got into love with the new Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich….Hmm many of you were addicted to the on screen ics keys or the soft keys as seen on nexus prime…well they were removed on the existing phones due to presence of physical buttons.

So i know many of you would like it back. Firstly a big thanks to evilisto for the tutorial..Well i decided to re write the tutorial cuz the orginal thread was really very tough for noobs….so i decided to make it more simpler…Well IT DOES NOT WORK ON STOCK OR WITH ANY ROM WITH TW LAUNCHER….OR STOCK ROMS LIKE THE HTC SENSE

So lets get started:

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Galaxy S2 vs Iphone 4S



9.1.2012: Added Killer features Pane.

12.1.2012: Added the biggest problems pane.

So guys this is it…the ultimate battle between the two most anticipated smartphones of the year which have been indeed very much in the news. Well the monster Galaxy S2 which has been maintaining its top spot in the market and is still the only people’s choice. On the other hand the iPhone 4S, which is another great great invention from apple that does everything. So in this guide i will be explaining the ultimate features of both these phones and will tell you which phone you should buy and of course why?

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Galaxy s2 phone of the year 2011!


So guys it might be old news for some people but seriously galaxy s2 has won the phone of the year price by T3 gadget awards and in on many of the shows in India. Indeed it is a super phone at this price point. Being 1 year old in the market rather than just degrading its sales it has been up and is mostly preferred by people rather than htc or the overpriced apple iphone. Well indeed being the first smartphone to have a dual core processsor with hell of a good benchmark most hackers prefer it not only due to the samsung ui or software but also due to the hardware.

The rest features are  explained further:

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How to play games via burned dvd/cd/bdr on ps3?


Hello guys…….im back with another tutorial, this time for the playstation 3. I know i have been playing with consoles, mobiles and other gadgets more but i promise i will be back with 5 great windows tutorials which will attract the most noobs(beginners on computers) very well.

So this time i will be playing games on ps3 via burned dvd or even cd(of course only if they fit on it). And yes guys that is indeed not possible only if you a jailbroken ps3.Burned bd-r discs would also work fine if you have a bd-r disc burner, i know most of you will not have it coz its really really expensive and further the blank bd-r discs are not very bad either. This has been made possible by Deank the developer of the multifunctional tool for the ps3, Multiman.He created a tool known as boot which makes a .pkj file of your ps3 game and after installing it to the ps3 you can launch the game via burned dvd. So all the credit goes to him, i just explained it in hell lot of brief so that everyone may be able to use it. So lets get started:


1: A jailbroken  ps3 (of course, then how are you supposed to run custom software on it )

2:A blank dvd-r/bd-r with a dvd/bd-r burner.

3:A ripped ps3 game(can be done directly via disc or use ftp server if you dont have a bd-rom)

Getting Started:

So firstly burn the ps3_game and the disc.sfo file to a dvd with you favorite burning software(of course i will not be giving you a tutorial on this!). You may also burn the update folder thats not recommended. Next download these tools.

Extract them of course and just don’t execute discBoot.exe file. Instead drag and drop the ps3_game folder of the game you need to launch on it. It will create a .pkj file.

Copy that .pkj file to the usb flash drive (formatted to fat32) and install the package to the ps3.

A new icon would appear on your ps3.

Then just insert the disc and launch the game…thats all

A video of course….

How to hack Windows Password?


So guys i have been very addicted to the android stuff from a last couple of months….hmm hacking….custom roms….rooting etc coz i got my new galaxy s2 smartphone. But this time i have came back with a serious business with Windows 7 OS. I have come up with a tutorial on how to hack windows password or i should say how to recover windows password in case you forgot it……this is due to avoid any trouble from microsoft….microsoft don’t screw me!!!

And also as the good guys say…this tutorial is just for knowledge purposes…..(he he he you know..)

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