How to fix google chrome scroll lag on Mac?



So guys im back with another small post that might be useful for google chrome users. As we all agree google chrome is an awesome browser. Its synchs perfectly with all your devices. Recently i bought a new Macbook pro with the so-called retina display which has a monster hardware. So webpages were supposed to be smooth and fluid and they were indeed on safari browser. But i noticed that there was an irritating lag when i browsed via google chrome.

So i searched over the internet and found that it was related to GPU acceleration not being enabled. So i just decided to force enable it. It might work on windows pc as well i didn’t test it but u can leave a comment if it works.

The Fix:

So it’s a fairly easy process. Fire up chrome and in the address bar type in chrome://flags.

You will get a bunch of options, just select enable under the GPU Composting on all pages and Threaded Composting respectively.Image

Then select the relaunch option from bottom of that page and enjoy your speedier less laggy google chrome.